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******************HOW TO PLAY*************************************
The game must be played by 2 players.
The game has to be played over LAN. One hosts and the other player connects to the host. The host must try to make the republicans(Red rhino) win and the client tries to make the Democrats(Blue capybara) win.

You can launch 2 instances of the .exe file and play it solo. But then the gameplay won't be optimal.

1. The host(Disinformant) walks with W, A, S and D
2. Disinformant can interact with ballots by going up to them and pressing SPACEBAR. 
3. When interacting with a ballot, the coffee must be balanced with LEFT and RIGHT arrowkeys. The arrowkeys cannot be held down and must be pressed repeatedly.
4. To place a new stamp, press SPACEBAR when interacting with the ballot. 

The client(Tally) can decide where the vote ends up. 
1. Press RIGHT ARROW KEY to count as republican.
2. Press LEFT ARROW KEY to count as democrat.

Intro to the game

"Count the Vote" is a two-player LAN game where the one who steals the most votes for their party wins.  In order to ensure your victory you must cheat and outsmart your opponent. 

There are two employees at the vote counting, both bribed by the Republicans and the Democrats in order to tip the scale in their favor as the last vote ballots are coming in.

The republican empolyee must use his party's stamp to cover over the democratic stamp. If you paste inaccurately, your opponent will be able to tell which ballot is tampered with.  You have stayed up all night, so you have to keep your balance while using the stamps. If you tip over you will spill coffee and it can be a gamechanging tell for you opponent. You can also spill coffee on untampered ballotts to trick the other player into making mistakes.

The democratic employee's job is to sort the votes into correct boxes, but your opponent is not making it easy for you. You have to figure out what the ballots' original stamps are and sort them into the right box.  If you make five mistakes you lose. If you have room to make more than one mistake at the end, you can commit fraud to put the republican ballots in the democratic box on purpuse to win those last votes.

Every ballot in each of the boxes count towards their representative party's voting count, regardless of their stamps.

Install instructions

Extract the zip and launch the Count That Vote.exe 


Count that vote.zip 121 MB

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